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Vision, Mission, and Values


To equip industry leaders to make local and global contributions.


The mission of GLI is to advance excellence in public and community service through education delivery, commitment to learner outcomes, career advancement for the current and future police, essential services, public servants, and community workforce. GLI supports lifelong learning and global delivery of public and community service and police leadership learning solutions.



The values of GLI are to:

  • ensure professionalism in our approach to teaching, technology-enhanced learning, scholarship and engagement with the professionals and their organisations;

  • strive for exemplary practice in all aspects of education delivery at postgraduate level qualifications;

  • demonstrate ethical behavior and in accord with the standards of good educational services and management;

  • be educationally supportive regardless of physical, gender, ethnic, religious or other differences;

  • act collegially demonstrating collaboratively respect for continued learning in the workplace community;

  • educate world class leaders who will advance safety and security of their fellow citizens.


Your time at GLI will be defining as you study and graduate to become leaders who have significant impact in and around your community and on a global scale. Our courses are designed not just to give you a theoretical stronghold but have been carefully designed to cater to practical exposure making you an asset for any workforce.

Image by Miguel Bruna
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