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Unit Enrolment Policy


This policy outlines the processes for Global Leadership Institute (GLI) students to enrol in units or change enrolment of units.


All courses


GLI aims to ensure that students are appropriately prepared for their chosen unit(s) enrolments by:

  • Maintaining and publishing on the GLI website clear, current, and accurate admissions criteria or alternative pathway requirements approved in the accredited course;

  • Informing current and prospective students of their rights and obligations prior to enrolment and payment of fees;

  • Publishing on the GLI website clear, current, and accurate information regarding the rights and obligations of current and prospective students prior to enrolment and payment of fees;

  • Ensuring core and elective unit requirements and pre-requisites are clearly published in course material.


It is the responsibility of GLI to:

  • Schedule an Orientation program that includes an opportunity for students to discuss their unit enrolment choices with a Student Support Officer, Program Director, or other delegated representative;

  • Provide an enrolment period (either on campus or online) prior to commencement of each semester;

  • Ensure course sequencing, pre-requisites, and specialisation requirements are clearly stipulated in course handbooks;

  • Deliver units as scheduled in the timetable. However, if for any reason a unit advertised on the timetable is cancelled, GLI will refund the unit fees paid, or students may select an alternative unit, as recommended by the Program Director or delegated representative.


It is the responsibility of students to:

  • Manage their unit enrolments according to the terms outlined in the offer of admission, for the duration of their study at GLI;

  • Be aware of the requirements of the course for which they apply and complete the units that satisfy those course requirements;

  • Enrol in the correct units each semester according to the relevant course structure on or before the census date;

  • Ensure they meet the prerequisite unit requirements and assumed knowledge for units in which they enrol;

  • Complete the Unit Enrolment Form each semester, ensuring they meet the pre-requisites, as well as the specialisation requirements stipulated in course handbooks;

  • Meet the requirements of either full-time (40 credit points) or part-time (< 40 credit points) study load. International students are required to maintain enrolment at 40 credit points per semester, except where a reduced study load has been formally approved;

  • Keep their contact details current. International students must provide their overseas residential address to GLI and keep this current throughout their enrolment, as well as maintain and update their Australian address and contact details within seven days of any change. They must also notify GLI of any changes to their visa or visa conditions immediately;

  • Pay and/or defer (where eligible) of all tuition and non-tuition fees;

  • Meet any study load requirements, such as international students who must maintain full-time enrolment in each compulsory period.

Audit Units

An audit student may attend classes with no obligation to participate in the assessment. Audit students:

  • Are not required to satisfy any entry requirements before enrolling;

  • Are not enrolled in an accredited course;

  • Are enrolled on the student management system by the Registrar;

  • May enrol in more than one unit in any study period;

  • Do not complete assessment tasks;

  • Are not awarded credit points;

  • Receive an ‘AU’ notation on the student management system, which then appears on the student’s Record of Results distributed at the end of the study period;

  • Incur audit fees;

  • Do not have access to GLI’s library and information resources.



GLI micro-credential students:

  • Are required to satisfy entry requirements before enrolling;

  • Are not enrolled in an accredited course;

  • Are enrolled on the student management system by the Registrar;

  • May enrol in more than one module in any study period;

  • Complete assessment tasks;

  • Are awarded credit points;

  • Receive verification of completion via metadata on digital certification such as a badge or other means;

  • Incur micro-credential fees;

  • Have access to GLI’s library and information resources.


Withdrawal from a unit enrolment

Withdrawal from a unit enrolment is permitted prior to census date without penalty. A withdrawal is not listed on a student’s formal transcript.


Withdrawal of a unit enrolment after the census date:

  • Will include the academic penalty of a “Fail – No Assessment Submitted” ("FNS") grade;

  • Unless a late withdrawal due to special circumstances has been approved by the Program Director. In this case, the transcript will include “Withdrawn” (“W”).


A late withdrawal will not be listed on a student’s formal transcript. Special circumstances are those that are:

  • Beyond the student’s control; and

  • Did not make their full impact on the student until or after the census date; and

  • Were such that it made it impossible for the student to complete their unit(s) requirements.

Special circumstances do not include a lack of knowledge or understanding of the census dates or GLI’s enrolment and withdrawal processes. Also, if a student withdraws from a unit after the census date because they have changed their mind about studying, the student will attract the academic penalty and is not eligible for a refund of fees.



All staff and students


All GLI students must enrol in the required units during each relevant semester period. Unit enrolment occurs under the direction of the Registrar through the following:

  • Six to eight weeks before the academic calendar scheduled study period, GLI will upload the timetable to the GLI website;

  • Students will be informed that enrolments are open and the specific enrolment period;

  • Students complete the Unit Selection Form during Orientation or before census date. The last date for dropping/adding units without academic or financial penalty each semester is census date;

  • If the student is seeking credit for previous study, they will also need to complete the Credit Transfer Form and return it along with the Unit Selection Form;

  • Enrolments are entered into the Student Management System checking that the student has satisfied the pre-requisite requirements and/or has not received exemption for that unit;

  • A student cannot be enrolled in the same unit a third time (see Progression and Exclusion Policy).


Students wanting to change their enrolment in a specific unit after enrolment must complete the “Change of Unit Enrolment Form” prior to census date.


Procedure for a late withdrawal from a unit

To apply for a late withdrawal based on special circumstances, a student must apply in writing to the Program Director and include the relevant documentation to satisfy that they meet the special circumstances criteria. If approved the student can apply for a refund. If rejected, the student will receive an “FNS” grade on their transcript and they are not eligible for a refund. Student complaints regarding late withdrawal decisions are processed using the Student Grievance and Appeals Policy.

Policy Owner


Approval Date

2 May 2023

Approving Body

Academic Board

Reviewal Date

2 May 2028

Endorsing Body

Academic Board



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