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Student ICT Support Policy


The policy covers ICT access and help for the duration of their enrolment at Global Leadership Institute (GLI).  This policy addresses student accounts, access all requisite information and technology services and general information relevant to ICT and the requires practices related to ICT.



In regard to student ICT support, GLI will:

  • Ensure all current students have access to the information and technology services needed to support their learning journey;

  • Provide appropriate training for students during Orientation, student support tutorials, study skills workshops, and other programs regarding GLI’s electronic Learning Management System (Moodle), as well as other IT software, such as Microsoft Office, EndNote, Turnitin;

  • Ensure that students are aware of all support mechanisms to ensure they maximise technology and information services to support their learning and are used for the correct means;

  • Delete all non-current student accounts to safeguard student security and ensure that data and space is used efficiently;

  • Provide all students enrolled in a course with ICT access and support for the duration of their enrolment;

  • Create student accounts to ensure students can access all requisite information and technology services and general information relevant to their studies. Further students will be issued with all ICT support required to successfully engage with their learning experience. 



All students



The ICT Manager is informed about all new enrolments prior to the commencement of each semester. The ICT Manager creates temporary passwords and accounts for all students.


All Students will be provided with student access to:

  • Email;

  • Internet;

  • Learning Management System;

  • Campus ICT infrastructure;

  • Electronic library resources.


It is the responsibility of the student to activate their account once they have confirmed their enrolment. Assistance to do so will be provided by the ICT Manager as required.


Student accounts may be disabled if:

  • Students breach the code of conduct;

  • Students have not paid their fees/charges.



  • Students are allocated an email account that has a storage capacity of 250MB;

  • Students will receive automated alerts when usage of the email storage approaches and exceeds 95% of the storage limit;

  • When the above situation takes place students will not be able to send email but will continue to receive email;

  • When the capacity reaches 100%, students will not be able to receive or send email;

  • Students should contact the ICT Manager to help them archive their emails if and when required;

  • Students should contact the ICT Manager for all password resets to their accounts.

Policy Owner

Academic Dean

Approval Date
Approving Body

Academic Board

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Academic Board



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