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Security and Safety Policy


The policy set outs Global Leadership Institute (GLI) commitment to ensure a secure and safe environment is provided.



  • GLI is committed to ensuring a secure and safe environment for students, staff, contractors, and visitors in accordance with legislative requirements;

  • Security measures are implemented in accordance with GLI’s risk assessment measures;

  • GLI is committed to providing a strong leadership where responsibilities for security and safety are clearly defined throughout all levels of the organisation;

  • GLI is committed to the integration of security and safety planning, monitoring, and reporting into Institutes management structures;

  • All staff, students, contractors, and visitors must comply with reasonable directions from GLI responsible officers, especially in situations related to security and safety;

  • Security of personal property is the individual owner’s responsibility, and valuables (such as phones, money, or IT equipment) should not be left unattended;

  • GLI’s security framework includes: education and awareness; physical security; contingency and emergency plans; regular risk assessment and mitigation; and closed-circuit television cameras on campuses;

  • The provision of information, instruction, training, and supervision that will allow all staff and students to perform their work in as safe a manner as possible;

  • Ensure the allocation of resources to develop and support security and safety management systems of GLI.



Safety: is broadly used to refer to the protection of individuals, the Institute, and assets against external threats and criminal activities.

Security Incident: an act, omission, circumstance, or occurrence which directly or indirectly adversely affect the security of people or assets at GLI. Such incident may include actual and suspected events including violence, theft, loss or damage to personal and/or Institute property, suspicious or threatening behaviour, emergency situations such as fire, flood, chemical spills, accidents or bodily injury, disorderly and/or disruptive conduct, unauthorised access and alarm activation.

Workplace: any location where GLI activities of staff and students occur and includes field locations, overseas travel locations, work placements and all external spaces.

GLI Community: all students, staff, contractors, and visitors to GLI premises or GLI online platforms.



Whole Institute



  • The President is responsible for oversight of security arrangements and championing a security culture at GLI. This includes facilitating annual security awareness training for staff;

  • Executive Management Team will monitor and ensure that LI security and safety measures are enforced;

  • There are no classes at the premise outside 0800 hours to 2200 hours on any working day. The security system of the premise will be working during such periods;

  • The campus is next to most modes of public transport: train and buses. Therefore, it is considered as low risk and safe for public access. Although the Institute is well located and easily accessible by public transport, staff and students are advised to take all practicable steps to ensure their own safety at all times;

  • Everyone in the GLI community is for reporting any suspicious activity or security incidents;

  • The IT Manager is responsible for ensuring appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place;

  • Failure by students, staff, contractors, or visitors to abide by this policy may be subject to discipline measures, as outlined in the Code of Conduct Policy.

Policy Owner


Approval Date

4 May 2023

Approving Body

Executive Management Team

Reviewal Date

4 May 2028

Endorsing Body

Executive Management Team



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