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Scholarships, Subsidies, and Awards Policy


This policy details the processes for selection and administration of scholarships, subsidies, and awards at Global Leadership Institute (GLI).


GLI ensures that scholarships, subsidies, and awards:

  • Consider alignment to GLI’s Strategic Plan;

  • Are designed to attract, retain, and reward staff and students committed to GLI’s vision, mission, and values;

  • Consider GLI’s budget constraints;

  • May cover all or part of tuition fees for the relevant courses;

  • May be renewed based on evidence of satisfactory academic progress;

  • Include written consent from the awardee before their name is included in promotional material.



Academic merit: an applicant’s level of academic achievement or improvement during prior or current studies.

Award: an acknowledgement of outstanding academic achievement, leadership contributions, and/or community engagement. This may be an GLI course tuition fee discount, equipment, voucher, or subscription to a professional organisation.

Scholarship: course tuition fee discount. GLI does not offer bursaries to cover living or other expenses.

Subsidy: course tuition fee discount for GLI permanent staff, as noted in the Staff Professional Development Policy.



All staff and students



Criteria for awarding GLI scholarships to new or existing students may include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic merit;

  • Professional leadership;

  • Student leadership;

  • Community contributions;

  • Disadvantage and/or financial hardship;

  • Equity and diversity.


External Scholarships

GLI is not responsible for the selection or administration of external funding toward tuition fees for students. If GLI tuition fees are revised after the external scholarship was awarded, the external donor is responsible to adjust the scholarship if required.


Termination of Scholarships

GLI reserves the right to terminate a scholarship if the student is found to have engaged in serious misconduct including, but not limited to, the provision of false or misleading information in their application form, or other breaches of GLI’s policies. A scholarship may also be terminated if the student does not maintain satisfactory academic progress. Appeals relating to the termination of scholarships may follow GLI’s Student Grievance and Appeals Policy



GLI encourages permanent staff to undertake further studies by providing an 80% tuition fee discount for any GLI course. Spouses and children of permanent staff are eligible for a 60% tuition fee discount for any GLI course. Appeals relating to the termination of a subsidy may follow GLI’s Staff Grievance Policy.



Criteria for GLI graduation awards may include, but are not limited to:

  • Graduands who make outstanding contributions to GLI and the broader community during their GLI course;

  • Graduates who have made outstanding contributions to GLI, their profession, and/or broader community since completing their GLI course;

  • Graduands who earn the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) in the graduating cohort of their course.



1. Proposal

Any GLI staff member may table to Executive Management Team a proposal for a scholarship. The proposal should include:

  • Category of scholarship;

  • Evidence of the applicant meeting the criteria;

  • Recommendation by the relevant Program Director;

  • Financial value or equivalent;

  • Terms and conditions.


Executive Management Team may decline or defer a proposal on the grounds of budget constraint.


2. Approval

If a scholarship is approved by Executive Management Team, the applicant will be notified in writing within 10 days.


3. Application

The approved applicant may then submit the GLI Scholarship Application Form and submit to the Registrar.

Awardees may defer enrolment for up to one year, after which time the scholarship offer is withdrawn. The Registrar should be informed if there are any substantial changes to the awardee’s enrolment status (e.g. study load, course, withdrawal, etc.).


The awarding of a scholarship is at the discretion of Executive Management Team. No appeal will be considered.



  • The Registrar determines graduand awardees with the highest GPA in the graduating cohort of their course;

  • The President determines graduand awardees who have made outstanding contributions to GLI and the broader community;

  • The President determines graduate awardees who have made outstanding contributions to GLI, their profession, and/or the broader community since completing their GLI course.

Policy Owner


Approval Date

23 October 2023

Approving Body

Executive Management Team

Reviewal Date

23 October 2028

Endorsing Body

Executive Management Team



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