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Policy Development and Review Policy


This policy provides the framework for Global Leadership Institute’s (GLI)development and review of policies and procedures.


All new policies or substantial revisions to existing policies that are deemedas either low or medium risk must be approved by either Academic Boardor Executive Management Team. If a policy is deemed as high risk byeither Academic Board or Executive Management Team, it must be tabledto Governing Board for approval. The risk rating is determined by GLI’sRisk Management Framework detailed in the Risk Management Policy.

The policy owner may make minor edits that do not impact on title orsubstance of the policy. Minor edits include typographical corrections,grammar, formatting, stakeholders, policy owner or definitions.


All GLI policies and procedures must be:

  • In alignment with the Institute’s strategic direction, vision, mission andvalues;

  • Consistent with relevant laws and external regulation;

  • Reviewed at least every five years;

  • Short, succinct, coherent and designed for longevity;

  • Consistent with GLI’s PPM, ensuring there is no conflicting information orunnecessary repetition;

  • Endorsed by the designated endorsement body;

  • Approved by the designated approval body;

  • Assigned a policy owner.


Whole Policies and Procedures Manual


All staff, students, prospective students


Procedures for the development or review of a policy are as follows:

  1. The policy owner for a new or revised policy undertakes research andbenchmarking against the higher education sector, relevant governmentpolicy, legislation and national codes;

  2. The draft policy is prepared in consultation with stakeholders;

  3. The draft policy is tabled to the relevant endorsement body which isusually a subcommittee of Academic Board or member of ExecutiveManagement Team. If required, further revisions are made to the draftpolicy. Where previous policies are merged or deleted, the previousapproval body must endorse the change;

  4. The policy owner tables the final draft policy to either Academic Boardor Executive Management Team for low or medium risk policies. High riskpolicies are commended by Academic Board or Executive ManagementTeam for approval by Governing Board;

  5. If approved, the new or revised policy is updated in the PPM andcommunicated to individuals or groups as relevant.

Policy Owner

Chair, Governing Board

Approval Date
Approving Body

Governing Board

Reviewal Date
Endorsing Body

Executive Management Team



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