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Online Learning Policy


This policy sets out the principles that guide the delivery of online learning at Global Leadership Institute (GLI). Online learning allows all students to access course materials, learning resources, and communication through a virtual learning environment and learning management system. 


GLI is committed to providing and adapting to emerging technology by:

  • Delivering an online learning experience that enhances access, meets contemporary needs and interests, and maintains high standards of academic quality;

  • Being student-centred, taking into consideration class size, online orientation and interaction with academic staff and peers;

  • Ensuring students have remote access to learning and research resources through the GLI Library system;

  • Ensuring equity of student access to academic, administrative and student services supports regardless of delivery mode;

  • Providing support, training and professional development to academic staff delivering online units;

  • Ensuring online course design is supported by facilitation standards, instructional design services, and technical services;

  • Offering alternatives if required including processes for fee reductions, refunds or deferral if there is a significant change to the course delivery;

  • Monitoring quality assurance including adherence to the GLI Student Academic Integrity Policy;

  • Ensuring that governance obligations are met including developing, approving and implementing changes, accurate recording, staff and student communication plans, and overviewing any risk management plans. 


All courses


All staff and students

Policy Owner

Chair, Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum Committee

Approval Date
Approving Body

Governing Board

Reviewal Date
Endorsing Body

Academic Board



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