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Library Information Resource Policy


This policy outlines the principles and processes relating to the Global Leadership Institute (GLI) library.



GLI is committed to the developing an environment of learning, teaching, research, and scholarship in the following ways:

  • Ensuring current and relevant resources;

  • Ensuring consistent practice in the development of and access to relevant information resources;

  • Providing information resources in support of GLI’s Strategic Plan;

  • Providing appropriate services required by staff and students;

  • Prioritising acquisition of electronic resources.


  • The Librarian is responsible to ensure that required resources are available and if not communicate the necessary resources to the Program Director for approval.

  • The Academic Dean and Program Director are responsible to ensure that an updated list of resources are provided regularly to the Librarian to ensure accuracy of available resources.

  • The President is responsible to ensure that the allocated budget is provided towards the maintenance and purchase of relevant resources for the Library, prioritising electronic texts and data warehouses.

  • The President is responsible for providing Governing Board with any new requests that exceed the allocated budget for review and approval.


All staff and students



The key aims of the Library are to:

  • Meet the need of both staff and students

  • Acquire material that is both pertinent and timely. The GLI Librarian and/or the relevant Unit Coordinator will look to see that the author presents material accurately, clearly, and in a readable manner;

  • Maintain an extensive collection of e-books, electronic journals and digital multimedia to meet the informational needs of the library users;

  • Support the learning, teaching, research and scholarship of staff and students, through careful selection and purchase of resources;

  • When selecting materials, the Librarian and/or the relevant Unit Coordinator considers the author’s competency, the information presented, and the potential usefulness to the library’s collection;

  • Ensure all students must have access to prescribed texts. Electronic texts will be available to all students and staff;

  • Ensure decisions of purchasing acquisitions are made according to staff and student needs, and in consultation with the Librarian, to ensure that all students readily have access directly to electronic information resources required to achieve the learning outcomes for their courses;

  • Support and promote affordable and open access to information and will resist unreasonable publisher and vendor price increases;

  • Ensure that before each semester, Unit Coordinators are asked for their recommendations to ensure all required resources will be available.


  • The information resources budget is allocated and managed by the Academic Dean in conjunction with the President;

  • The information resources budget is used for acquiring information by purchase, demand driven acquisition, subscription, document delivery, and inter-library lending services;

  • A portion of the information resources budget is used to support the acquisition of material recommended by the Program Directors while the remainder is administered by the Academic Dean;

  • The information resources budget is distributed between central funds, document delivery, subscriptions, and firm orders;

  • Information resources purchased by the Library will be accessible to all GLI staff and students. The Library does not purchase specialist teaching material for the exclusive use of a particular department;

  • Academic staff who purchase material suitable for the Library on research grants are expected to make digital material available to the Institute where appropriate.

Policy Owner

Academic Dean

Approval Date
Approving Body

Academic Board

Reviewal Date
Endorsing Body

Academic Board



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