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Graduate Attributes Policy


This policy articulates a set of qualities, skills, and abilities that a graduate from Global Leadership Institute (GLI) is required to demonstrate.



Graduate Attributes: qualities, skills, and disciplinary expertise that students should develop during their studies.

Curriculum: academic content for a course taught at GLI.

Assessment: process of evaluating the extent to which students have understood course materials and achieved the objectives of a course.

Graduate: a student who has satisfied all the requirements of a course and upon whom Governing Board confers an award.


GLI Graduate Attributes   

GLI aims to produce graduates who:


1.    Authentic Leadership

Engender organisational commitment, informed decision-making, creative problem solving, future-focused change management, and shared vision.

2.    Personal and Social Responsibility

Demonstrate trust, trustworthiness, and ethical conduct for the benefit of diverse communities.

3.    Professional and Digital Knowledge

Develop and apply technical knowledge and skills in chosen fields fit for purpose.

4.    Critical and Strategic Thinking

Explore and create solutions to real-world challenges in innovative ways.

5.    Effective Communication

Convey ideas and information to a range of audiences in a collaborative manner.



All staff and students



The GLI Graduate Attributes inform the development of courses and the entire learning journey of students. They are to be mapped to assessments in the units of all courses.

Policy Owner

Chair, Academic Board

Approval Date

24 November 2023

Approving Body

Governing Board

Reviewal Date

24 November 2028

Endorsing Body

Academic Board



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