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Facilities and Infrastructure Policy


This policy aims to ensure that all Global Leadership Institute (GLI) buildings and infrastructure comply with approved GLI plans, building codes, Federal and State Acts, Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, contractual obligations and any other required standards and policies.


  • GLI executive staff manages all maintenance, major and minor works on the Institute, buildings, structures, and site infrastructure on behalf of the Institute and in accordance with leasing and ownership agreements. All new buildings and infrastructure requirements are to be managed and undertaken with the approval of Governing Board;

  • Where the buildings and infrastructure are subject to a lease, licence, or legal document to a party outside GLI, under which repairs, maintenance or capital improvements are dealt with then GLI management staff will adhere to those requirements or obtain legal or other advice to clarify the rights and responsibilities of the parties;

  • Where a proposed building or infrastructure will relate to a new lease, licence or like arrangement, then legal advice and approval from Governing Board will be required. 

This policy includes:

  • Building services, including air-conditioning, ventilation, exhaust, or control systems;

  • Electrical Services, including lighting;

  • Fire systems;

  • Waster or waste systems and connection of equipment to such systems;

  • Building fabric;

  • Paint and floor coverings;

  • Security and/or locking systems;

  • Fume cupboards or hoods;

  • Heavy loading, including research activities, artwork, sculptures and hanging of pictures;

  • Application of any devices, structure or treatment which alters the external appearance of a building, including external signs, paining or landscape work;

  • Lifts, hoists, and cranes;

  • Universal access to buildings;

  • Site infrastructures such as fences, roads, footpaths, landscaping, vegetation and in ground services;

  • Information Technology infrastructure;

  • Installation of furniture and fittings.


Whole Institute


All staff and students


The President and approved staff may complete existing approved minor works and licensing arrangement to the agreed values and an upper limit of $20K for new works and projects consistent with campus space plans and approved new projects by Governing Board.

Policy Owner

Chair, Executive Management Team

Approval Date

13 May 2021

Approving Body

Governing Board

Reviewal Date

13 May 2026

Endorsing Body

Executive Management Team



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