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Executive Management Team Terms of Reference


This policy outlines the terms of reference for Global Leadership Institute’s (LI) Executive Management Team (EMT). 


EMT is responsible to the President and manages the day-to-day functions of the Institute and other duties as delegated by the President. EMT may delegate any of its powers or functions to subcommittees or teams.

Guest Attendance

Guest staff or external experts may be invited to attend meetings to provide advice upon request. Guests to meetings have no

voting rights at meetings. 

Frequency of Meetings

EMT meet monthly to receive and review reports on the Institute’s performance across academic quality and course delivery, student matters, financial performance, staff matters and any other business arising.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes are stored in a secure electronic repository. All members receive a digital copy of minutes.

Appointment of Chair

The Chair is appointed by the President.


The secretary is appointed by the President.


The membership of EMT includes:

  • President

  • Academic Dean

  • Finance Manager

  • Other members of GLI administration and academic staff appointed by the President.

Terms of Office
  • For the President, Academic Dean and Finance Manager, the term is for the duration of their employment in those positions, or until EMT has considered and approved revised membership. For other members, the term will be at the discretion of the President.

Terms of reference

The functions of EMT are to:

  • Oversee management of the Institute;

  • Ensure implementation of the GLI Strategic Plan and budget;

  • Maintain efficient operations of academic and administrative functions;

  • Ensure the wellbeing and safety of staff and students, including prevention, support and reporting regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment;

  • Keep the Institute aligned to its stated mission;

  • Set the standards of conduct for staff and students.

EMT will not approve or act in any matter that is otherwise within the authority of Governing Board or a committee of Governing Board, or act or decide in a manner contrary to decisions previously made by Governing Board.

Reporting to Governing Board

The President will include in their quarterly report to Governing Board major decisions and outcomes from EMT meetings held during the preceding quarter.


Whole Institute


All staff and students

Policy Owner

Chair, Executive Management Team

Approval Date

28 March 2022

Approving Body

Governing Board

Reviewal Date

28 March 2027

Endorsing Body

Executive Management Team



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