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Discontinuation and Teach-Out Policy


This policy addresses the discontinuation of an academic course offered by Global Leadership Institute (GLI). Discontinuation may occur because of changes in student demand, an alteration to strategic positioning in a particular market or a major course revision.



  • Enrolled students should not be unreasonably disadvantaged by the discontinuation of Institute courses and should have the opportunity to complete their course within a reasonable time frame and meet the learning outcomes of the course;

  • The quality of the course and supporting resources must be maintained to the end of the teach-out period;

  • External stakeholders involved in the delivery of the course including the provision of WIL opportunities, should be availed of the discontinuation in a timely manner;

  • Academic Board must approve the discontinuation of any academic course and prior to students being formally notified;

  • The Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Committee (LTCC) will provide to Academic Board a comprehensive teach-out plan that details the teach-out timetable, implications for student progress along with how students will be notified and subsequently counselled about their study;

  • GLI will advise students of any discontinuation in writing and ensure each student is provided with an individualised course map for the teach-out period.



All courses



  • The Academic Dean will submit a Discontinuation/Suspension Proposal to Academic Board for consideration with full disclosure for the proposal;

  • A proposed teach-out plan for the course must be included as part of the submission. The teach-out plan must indicate how the integrity of the course will be maintained and its objectives met during the phasing-out period;

  • Where special arrangements for students who have failed to meet the usual progress requirements of the course are required, the Program Director must indicate any special arrangements and include the number of students affected and arrangements for them to complete their course;

  • Academic Board will consider the merit of the proposed arrangements and forward its recommendation to Governing Board for their consideration;

  • If approved by Governing Board, a notification of material change and teach-out application (if required) is lodged with TEQSA.



To terminate a course of study, the following steps are undertaken:


1. Proposal
  • Rationale for discontinuation, including (as appropriate):

i. Impact on strategy, mission, vision and values of GLI;

ii. History of course and its reputational value to students, staff, and stakeholders;

iii. Financial implications with respect to current market conditions;

iv. Feedback from students, staff, other stakeholders and industry;

v. Changes in accreditation compliance;

vi. Previous review reports.

  • Communication plan for discontinuation;

  • Teach-out plan;

  • Managing and monitoring discontinuation;


2. Proposal tabled to Academic Board

If endorsed by Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum Committee, a recommendation is tabled at Academic Board.

3. Approval by Governing Board

If endorsed by Academic Board, the proposal is recommended to Governing Board for approval.

4. Communication of termination

The final decision and announcement of any course termination is notified in time to allow:

  • Currently enrolled students to complete the course, or to transfer to other courses of study within or outside of GLI as desired;

  • Potential applicants to make alternative arrangements;

  • The timely replacement of any existing academic staff in a course of study who may immediately wish to discontinue employment with GLI as a result of a course discontinuation;

  • Students in other courses, staff in other courses, alumni, stakeholders, and the community will be advised of the course discontinuation in a systematic manner, taking into account GLI’s legislative, regulatory and public-relations responsibilities and priorities.


5. Teach-out planIf discontinuation of a course is approved by Governing Board, the following is implemented:
  • Notification of material change and teach out application (if required) is lodged with TEQSA;

  • Students are entitled to complete, at GLI, the course in which they are enrolled, including all compulsory elements and any requirements necessary for professional accreditation. No substantive changes will be made to course in the teach-out phase, nor any transfer arrangements agreed with other institutions, without approval by Academic Board and consultation with affected students;

  • Discussion with current students is undertaken to advise them that the qualification cannot be issued after expiry of the teach-out period, therefore a student must complete the award within the transition period. Students intending to complete the discontinuing course are contacted by the Program Director and a Study and Support Plan is developed;

  • The Academic Dean and Program Director will communicate regularly with students about course(s) that are in teach-out mode via email and web updates;

  • Students will be given reasonable notice of changes to course offerings, including information about increases in fees and associated costs, and any consequences that may affect their choice of, or ability to take part in, an intended course;

  • All affected students and staff will be provided with the full teach-out plan to assist with both short and long term course planning;

  • GLI will assist students enrolled in the course who would like to transfer to another course;

  • GLI will provide a schedule to offer all units needed by students to complete the course in a sequence and on a schedule that will enable them to complete the course. Students will be expected to take the units required to complete the course when offered. Failure of students to take required units when offered will not obligate GLI to offer the units again;

  • Students who are already on approved leave from a course that is to be discontinued should be able to return to complete the course, provided they re-enrol no later than the end of the period of approved leave. Any leave approved after the discontinuation process has commenced should be negotiated with the student on the basis that a return to the course in which the student was enrolled may not be possible;

  • Students who fall out of sequence in their program as a result of unit failure may retake the failed unit only if it continues to be offered at GLI and the student can still complete the retaken unit prior to the teach-out end date. In exceptional circumstances, unscheduled units will be allowed to ensure a student can meet the course of study requirements;

  • Students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress and are dismissed from the course under the provisions of the Progression and Exclusion Policy will lose their right to benefit under the teach-out arrangement.


Managing and Monitoring Discontinuation
  • Academic Board has ultimate responsibility for monitoring the discontinuation of a course from the perspective of academic quality and integrity;

  • With support from the Program Director takes overall responsibility for the management of the teach-out of a course.

  • The Program Director is responsible for the development and implementation of operational closure plans and the management and co-ordination of all transitional arrangements;

  • Students and staff are consulted on a regular basis during the teach-out to ensure that all parties are satisfied with continuing teach-out arrangements and responsibilities;

  • The Program Director will ensure that regular reports regarding teach-out arrangements are made available to Academic Board.


Students seeking to resolve a dispute or question arising under this policy must do so in accordance with the Student Grievance and Appeals Policy.

Policy Owner

Academic Dean

Approval Date

2 May 2023

Approving Body

Academic Board

Reviewal Date

2 May 2028

Endorsing Body

Academic Board



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