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MPL504 Smart Policing and New Technologies


Contemporary police leaders are increasingly required, by governments and the public, to perform a growing array of services and deliver core functions with less. Hence the need for ‘smart policing’ which is the efficient and effective use of new and emerging technologies to achieve better organisational outcomes. This unit investigates current and emerging trends associated with ‘smart policing’ together with exploring new and emerging technologies applied in contemporary law enforcement agencies. The aim of this unit is to prepare students to address technological challenges associated with a senior leadership role by enhancing their awareness of new and emerging technologies impacting policing. 


Master of Police Leadership 

Graduate Diploma of Police Leadership 

Graduate Certificate in Police Leadership 

Graduate Certificate in Police Leadership (Cybersecurity)

This unit is in the Master of Police Leadership specialisation in Future Policing 




On campus 


Mixed mode 


MPL400 Advanced Policing and Essential Services 


ULO1 Investigate and critically analyse academic literature in the field of smart policing and new technologies

ULO2 Demonstrate mastery of key leadership theories associated with smart policing and new technologies

ULO3 Discuss and critically analyse contextual challenges impacting leadership in smart policing and new technologies

ULO4 Develop and critically reflect on a strategic leadership approach that addresses complex professional scenarios

ULO5 Demonstrate the application of advanced leadership skills in smart policing and new technologies 


  • Smart policing: Traditional policing with current updates

  • Big data to police smarter

  • Body worn cameras: Protecting police actions

  • Cybercrime: The new menace

  • Emerging technologies in community-oriented policing, social media and public support

  • Smart policing and horizon technologies


  1. Reflective Journal – 30% 

  2. Oral Presentation – 20% 

  3. Critical Analysis Report – 50% 


  • Afzal M. & Panagiotopoulos P. (2020) Smart policing: A critical review of the literature. In Viale Pereira G. et al. (eds). Electronic Government. EGOV 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 12219. Springer.

  • Babuta, A. (September 2017). Big data and policing. RUSI | Royal United Services Institute.

  • Chan, J. & Bennett Moses, L. (2017). Making sense of big data for security. The British Journal of Criminology, 57(2), 299–319,

  • Mukherjee, A. & Raju Halder, R. (2020). PoliceChain: Blockchain-based smart policing system for smart cities. In 13th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (SIN 2020). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, Article 6, 1–5. 

Check with the lecturer each semester before purchasing any textbooks.

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