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Global Leadership Institute

Message from the President

Prof. Kevin Tickle

Leadership has become a significant area of interest in cybersecurity, business, policing, counterterrorism, military, and public safety sectors. Global Leadership Institute (GLI) is an educational centre focused on building your leadership capacity through technology-enhanced learning, real-world case studies, applied workplace projects, and interpretative theoretical perspectives. Academic staff are practitioners with extensive professional experience and high impact, end-user research.


Our motto is ‘Set your gaze higher’ and courses are designed to provide advanced technical development, governance competencies, and cognitive creative abilities to address the future needs of your workplace and communities. GLI has strong partnerships, including with the FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. which can help you connect with local, national, and international industry networks. I believe your time at GLI will be life-defining as you learn to navigate the challenges and changes facing contemporary societies.


Professor Kevin Tickle


Global Leadership Institute

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